Goods from the Roots

Social responsibility is engrained in our roots. We believe that doing good should stem from your identity. In our case: doing good by doing what you are good at! That’s why we developed 'Goods from the Roots'. A 24-hour pressure cooker to find, define and put your identity to use in creative ideas that help you tackle the obstacles that are in the way of reaching your ambition. For any organisation that wants to put ‘positive’ wheels in motion but lacks the resources, creativity or time to do so. From a healthy food producer to renewable buildings project, from profit to nonprofit, any and all can benefit from 24 hours of hard creative work aimed at clear results.

The first free event was held at Thursday, the 30th of May. 24 hours of hard work for Breekjaar, a Dutch organisation that organizes an adventurous 'breakyear' in between secondary school and university. A year to learn these youngsters how to make better choices in life and in turn decrease the large amount of drop-outs (30% on averge int the first year). See our website to get a glimpse of the event.

It started with a fun interactive workshop, called ‘identi-tea’. This has proven to be a great deep dive to get to know the client. After 2 hours of hearing all that matters, it was time for us to crack our brains. Brainstorms in smaller teams of designers, artists and students led to new insights that we tossed around in the afternoon. With a good dose of adrenaline we elaborated on the best ideas to have them clearly formulated and visualized in the ‘Goods-book’ that we presented the next morning during a mutual breakfast. 

Keep an eye on this page to stay up-to-date on new 'Goods from the Roots'-events. If you think your company or initiative needs some creative attention, please tell us why, and send an email to